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The Right Source
The Right Source

Registration Benefits

  • Great way for suppliers to locate NEW distributors
  • Differentiate your Distributorship from your competition
  • Drive suppliers to your website for additional information

Supplier Registration Details

The Standard Registration or Supplier fee is a one-time (good forever!) investment of $385. The Annual Membership fee is $295 for a total first-year investment of $680.00.

The Premier Registration fee for both the Supplier and the Fastener Part Number Directory is $455. The Annual Membership fee is $295 for a total first-year investment of $750.00.

Your Membership Fee drops to $295.00 each year after the first year and will renew each year unless you cancel.


  1. Select the type of membership you would like to enroll in.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Submit your payment information.

Once we receive payment confirmation, you will receive your Supplier Profile log-in credentials.

After your membership is approved and established, you will receive some follow-up documents to sign that will get you set-up for your monthly fees associated with your product listings (see details on this page).

If you are already registered, please go to the log-in page to log in.



Supplier Registration

By deciding to register, you have taken the most important first step! The registration process is simple. Once you are registered, you will be provided access to your Supplier Profile area, where you can manage your account, add your company to the product listings, submit your part numbers, or sign up to advertise on this site.


Companies that register and exhibit at the International Fastener Expo will be highlighted so that exhibit attendees can readily identify them.

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Standard Membership
Get listed as a supplier and list as many fasteners that you'd like! Choose from over 81 product categories and over 8500 different fastener types. Initial registration fee includes your one-time standard supplier fee (good forever!) and your annual membership fee.
Premier Membership
The Premier Membership offers the same as the Standard, plus addition to the Part Numbers (SKUs) directory! Initial registration fee includes your one-time premier supplier fee (good forever!) and your annual membership fee.

After You Register - Monthly Fees


• 1-9 Products Listed
$ 35.00 (Min)
• 10-25 Products Listed
$ 69.00/Lot
• 26-50 Products Listed
$ 98.00/Lot
• 51-75 Products Listed
• 76-100 Products Listed
• 101-150 Products Listed
• 151-200 Products Listed
• 201+ Products Listed
$ P.O.A.

BONUS! Suppliers that post 200 + Products Listings will receive 2 FREE banner ads for the first year! (See ad size information below)

For those of you who sign up for the Premier Membership, you will be able to list your fastener part numbers.

To post your Company Part Numbers, prepare an Excel Spreadsheet as follows:

  1. First Column - Your Company Part Numbers (SKUs).
  2. Second Column - Mil-Std. Part Numbers AN-MS-NAS-NASM. Leave blank if this does not apply.
  3. Third Column - Cross Reference to DIN#. Leave blank if this does not apply.
  4. Fourth Column - Your Product Description.
  5. Submit your Excel Spreadsheet to:

We will take it from there to complete your postings in five business days or less.


• 1-50 Parts
$45.00 (Min)
• 51-200 Parts
$ .50/EA
• 201-400 Parts
$ .40/EA
• 401-600 Parts
$ .35/EA
• 601-1000 Parts
$ .30/EA
• 1001-2000 Parts
$ .20/EA
• 2001+ Parts
$ P.O.A.


Two for One Banner Ad Program - $375.00/mo

  • Large Header Ad dimensions:
    1000px x 94px
  • Sidebar Medium Ad dimensions:
    226px x 124px

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