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If you haven't sketched out a "Fred Flintstone" drawing of a fastener on a cocktail napkin, you haven't been in the fastener industry long enough! This is Stage One of 3D Fastener Printing, the DESIGN Stage - where one designs and dreams about his fasteners and the fastener applications it will solve.

3D Printing

3D Fastener Printing
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Sad to say, a lot of these designs and dreams die in Stage One, because the innovator cannot produce a prototype or even to get a production drawing available for potential suppliers.

NOT TRUE TODAY! 3D Fastener Printing can help in the DESIGN Stage One, of your fastener(s), produce two different drawing, one for DESIGN and the other for production with the required tolerances for the manufacturing of your fasteners. This is the start of Stage Two DEVELOP where 3D Fastener Printing gets more involved. Not only do we produce the Product Drawing and then with your approval the Production Drawing with the tolerances required, but more important these drawings are your proprietary property with your company name on the print. We will include technical information where required, i.e. Tensile Strength, Shear Strength and/or Torque specifications and head mark requirements (where needed); all part of our fastener engineering-consulting service. This drawing is also an added and valuable tool for your ERP system as well as your sales team in order to support your customer's ever changing needs.

Next we produce the AutoCAD drawing for production of your 3D Fasteners. Produce the prototype samples Stage Three DELIVER, required for your customer's approval and to be used further when sourcing suppliers worldwide.

3D Fastener Printing will surprise you with the prompt service and attention to details, ever how small they may be. Your investment in the 3D Fastener Printing process will add some more amazement as you will get a greater return then you expected!

NOW to complete the full process from dreaming and DESIGN to delivering finished parts to your customers loading dock. 3D Fastener Printing working in accord with Worldwide Fastener Sources will develop a supply chain for your new products from both domestic and international fastener manufacturers for your evaluation., LLC

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