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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Licensed American Fastener Manufacturers

To further the information from the Fastener Innovation Awards Department we are adding a NEW section for the Licensed American Fastener Manufacturers to assist fastener engineers and fastener buyers locate potential suppliers in the United States. A licensed fastener is a type of fastener that has been certified by a third party to meet certain industry standards or regulations. Licensed fasteners are subject to rigorous testing to ensure that they perform as stated and are reliable.


Torx® Drive Recess


MAThread®, MATpoint®

REMINC (Research Engineering & Manufacturing)

Taptite®, Powerlok®, Remform®, Pushtite®, Magite®, Kleerlok®, Kleertite®

LISI Aerospace

Hi-Lok™, Hi-Tigue™, (Pins & Collars), Hi-Lite™, Pull-In™, Pull-Stem™, LLC

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Daniel Island, SC 29492
(602) 793-2383

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