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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Bob Lehman Directory of Independent Fastener Reps

Bob Lehman raised the bar and set the standard for Independent Fastener Reps in America. Bob was an innovator, a mentor and an advisor to many in the industry; besides being just the Best Damn Salesman there was. PERIOD!

When Bob walked into your office, it was going to be a fun experience while learning about fasteners, fastener companies, fastening applications, the current scuttle-butt, you just name it. It was valuable time, well spent!

Bob passed on December 29th, 2018 at the age of 90 and I just wanted to honor a great, ol' friend as Bob knew everybody on this list and he had in one way or another influenced every one of them in their fastener careers and made them better for it., LLC

555 Lesesne Street
Daniel Island, SC 29492
(602) 793-2383

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