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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of website is Worldwide Fastener (WWFS)?
WWFS is the most comprehensive informational fastener website in the world and known as the fastener industry's leading business data source for sales, marketing, purchasing, fastener training, research and recruiting. The best way to learn about the site is to visit it and take the time to click on all the various tabs. You will be pleased with all the available information.

What is the FEE for the visitor to use WWFS?
ZERO! There is NO FEE for the visitor/user to use the website for information.

What types of Memberships does WWFS offer?
Two types of membership for and the other two world regional sites, Eurasia and Asian. The Fastener Distributor's Directory and the PREMIER Supplier, benefit features to follow in this FAQ.

As a PREMIER Supplier of Tradename Proprietary & Captive fasteners can I associate my company as a supplier of such fasteners?
YES! ABSOLUTELY It is one of the big benefits of a PREMIER Supplier membership Profile!

What is THE Fastener Quiz?
THE Fastener Quiz is 1,000 Questions and Answers used as a teaching guide for new employees and review for the more experienced fastener person. Those who complete the Quiz we be presented a Certificate of Achievement.

How do I contact
We like your questions and comments; be they positive or negative so we can always be improving the website. Just click on CONTACT US tab and give us your feedback of Call 602-793-2383 or email

Can I locate suppliers by their individual state?
YES! Just click on the Supplier tab and then click on the State.

What format is available?
I-Phone, I-Pad, Tablet, Lap-Top and Desk Top computers. Our IT Manager has marching orders to always provide the latest and most up-to-date programming so we can provide our customers with the best possible service.

How often do you up-date
Best answer is Daily and often 7 days a week, as that is what I do! With all the features offered it is a constant job. When we up-date one site it is common to up-date all the regional sites.

FASTENER CAREERS is a Job Board serving ONLY the fastener industry. We are different from all the other job boards and that is a good thing. As an HR Manager we promote your Job Listing to our broadcast email list and Linked-IN contacts to over 20,000 readers. As a Job Seeker, it is just a few clicks to locate the job(s) you may be interested in.

Describe the two types of RFQs you offer.
The regular, standard type of RFQ allows fastener manufacturers, master distributors, importers, or others to quote your fastener requirements. The second RFQ is called an "SOS" Emergency RFQ where a fastener is late for delivery, or there is a quality problem, both which will shut down a production line in a matter of a few days.

What are the 14 'Informational Blocks' on my PREMIER Supplier Profile?
There are 14 'Informational Blocks' where you can describe and tell-us all about your company. It starts with Capabilities, then Quality Assurance, Certifications, License, Patents, Equipment, Branch Locations, Markets Served, Awards, Authorized Stocking Distributors, Independent Reps, Associations & Organizations and the BEST one ABOUT US. You control the content 100% and you can write your heart's content about your company and more.

What is the Fastener Distributor's Directory?
A comprehensive detailed document showing all the finer points of a fastener distributor from Key Personnel, Product Lines, Quality Certifications, Branch Locations, VMI Programs, Inventory. Technical Information and a whole lot more to promote one's distributorship. Add in the ability to post your Catalog(s) and/or Videos.

How much does it cost to list my tradenames?
Nothing! It is FREE. Just email us your list of tradenames® and/or Trademarks™ with a brief product description and we will post them promptly with your company name. At present we have over 4,300 listings from over 1,000 companies and continuous growing. That is the most comprehensive listing in the world and a very good guide to help finding a supplier for a specific trade named fastener.

What are your operating hours and what time zone are you located?
Operating hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We are never closed! Time Zone is the Eastern Standard Time UTC/GMT - 4 hours on Daniel Island, South Carolina, USA

What is the fee for a Distributor Directory or PREMIER Supplier membership?
Your annual investment is $295.00 as a Distributor member. Annual investment for PREMIER Supplier is $349.000. Then there is list of benefits, which include posting your Logo and a picture of your building or factory floor, posting your catalog(s) and/or videos among other features and benefits.

Describe the Banner Ad Program.
Three sizes available: Header 1000px x 94px, Side 282px x 124px and Mobile 300px x 68px. The cost is $125.00/month for all three. You design or we can assist in developing your banner ads.

What is the Product Index?
There are presently 114 Major Product Categories with over 13,000 specific types of fasteners (NOT sizes) which a PREMIER Supplier can associate their company with the products they manufacture or sell. It is like putting your catalog online! If you have a product that is not listed, notify us on the CONTACT US form and we will add your product(s) ASAP so you can then post your company to the NEW product listing.

What does WWFS charge for "Clicks" to the suppliers' website.
There is NO Charge for 'Clicks'.

What is the Audio 'Fastener' Minute?
A one-minute audio message you want to present to your customers about your company, your products, your services, a 'Special' sale, new products - you determine what you want your message to be! It will become part of your Company Profile.

How do you or will you promote your website?
Several methods, Broadcast Emails with Constant Contact, LINKEDIN Postings, Direct Email Messages, Personal Phone Calls, Direct Mailing, Audio "Fastener" Minute, Trade Magazine Editorial, Print Advertising, News Releases, and the best "Word-of-Mouth" advertising.

How does the FAST*NER SALE OF THE WEEK work?
Seller submits items (NO Limit) with Quantity, Product Description, and Selling Price of standard, commercial, commodity type fasteners worth a minimum $300.00. Seller's minimum order $300.00 with a transaction fee of $40.00 up to $500.00 and then it is 6% commission. We only facilitate the transaction.

What is the "REAL" Live Surplus Fasteners feature?
The seller fills out the form for any type of fasteners worth a minimum of $100.00 a line item. The only thing we ask that upon a sale the quantity is changed to keep it "REAL". The seller can also change the price at any time as they control the content. There is NO limit to the number of items one can post. There is an annual fee of $239.00, BUT it is a feature of membership for PREMIER Suppliers at NO extra charge. A nice benefit of membership! There is NO fee or commission to be paid upon a sale. The Buyer and the Seller deal direct. WWFS has nothing to do the transaction.

How do I post my video(s) and/or catalogs?
We will post either one or both for an annual fee of $98.00 each or with your membership it is another benefit at NO additional charge.

What is different about your Fastener Glossary?
Our Glossary is not only for fasteners terminology, but we have also included terms from the cold heading and hot forging industries along with terms for the stamping industry and screw machine industries. Terms concerning heat treating and plating complete the Glossary. There is NO charge to use the Glossary and it is also meant to be used with THE Fastener Quiz as an educational tool.

What is your 3D Fastener Printing feature all about?
We will assist in the Design, Development and Delivery of special fasteners and produce the prototypes required for testing Fit, Form & Function. The fastener supplier has all proprietary rights to the parts and the production prints.

Tell me more about the Resources tab?
Let me tell you about not only the Resources Tab, but also the Technical Tab and the Library Tab. All three provide a fabulous amount of information that can be used everyday in your fastener business. My best advice is to visit all three tabs and review the type and amount of information present. These three tabs are continually being added to because I want to be known as a source for Technical Information and other Resources. PERIOD! Check back often! Fastener Timeline History is a new feature in 2023 to show major events from the 1940s to the present day. Included are fastener innovations, fastener acquisitions, fastener associations and fastener organizations key dates, fastener standards, personal histories, and much more! Up-dated constantly!

What is your Traffic Count?
Was a common question when we started, but suddenly if ever now. Our reports show a rolling average of over 25,000 pages views a month and most people view the website from their desk computer. With the amount of information available now and with content continuing to grow every month, more and more visitors use the site on a daily or weekly basis. Last year we broadcast over, 3,770,000 email messages! WE are known!

What is the connection to Trident Technical College? is developing a Fastener Application & Engineering Technology course for engineering students. Trident is the first college in the United States to take on this task to provide a fastener course to engineering students and hopefully it will get the attention of other colleges and university to better understand the importance fasteners play in manufacturing.

What is AFVA?
American Fastener Veterans Association is for people who have worked in the fastener industry for 15 years or more. It is FREE to register and "Fun" to find some of your ole' buddies from years past. Sign up TODAY!

What does Q V C mean?
Q is for Qualified, V is Verified, and C is Certified when we review companies to be listed on the Distributor Directory or the PREMIER Supplier Profile. The first step, Qualified is for ONLY companies that have a company website and not one from some industrial promotion website service. We Verify the information and then the final step is to Certify the company listing. This method has proven to be very effective and makes our information reliable, accurate, and current for the user to review.

You present a few Awards each year, please describe.
The Fastener Innovation Awards are for companies or individuals to be recognized for introducing new fasteners or fastening systems that will become a standard in a matter of a year or two. HONORS is to recognize three different individuals: Fastener Person of the Year, The Independent Fastener Sales Rep of the Year and a fastener Legend. These two awards are worked year around and open to the industry for nominations.

What is the Industrial Fastener Study Guide?
The Study Guide is a booklet of 500 questions, either T or F, Fill-in-the-blank, or sketch your answer. It is training tool for people new to the industry and a review for the more experienced fastener person. Copies are available on the website for your investment in your fastener career for $42.95.

Tell me about the Joe Greenslade Memorial Fastener Library.
The library is a collection of fastener articles, mostly technical articles from leading fastener publications around the world. The library can be used as a training tool, as a reference to solve a fastening application problem, a source to find information not readily available. We constant add articles, so check back often.

What is your Mentorship Program?
Our Mentorship Program is to assist individuals learn about or solve a problem they are experiencing in the industry. Our advisors are a Who's Who in the fastener industry and all volunteer to help! We call it "Paying-it-Forward". Give us a call next time you may want another opinion or option.

What else is NEW?
We are working on several other features and will announce them as they come available. I do not want to introduce too much at any one time. What I want over time is a website one will visit on an almost daily basis looking for fastener information, sources of supply, potential customers, technical information, ability to buy or sell surplus fasteners, post or quote on RFQs, list a job or find a job, and more., LLC

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