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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Fastener Careers - Overview

Save Time and Money with The ONLY Job Board You Will Need

You have numerous options to where to start your job search. But time is money and why would you waste yours searching through hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant jobs on the big job boards?

Why Fastener Careers?

The jobs you want! You start with a current and verified list of specific fastener jobs. It is easy to quickly find the ones that are most applicable to you. Use specific fastener industry search filters, you can scroll down on the jobs you want with just a few clicks.

We have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding fastener information and a prominent level of quality service. There will be job opportunities that are specific to Fastener Careers and cannot be found on other sites. You will deviate to review the job descriptions in greater depth than the regular six second standard.

Why Choose Fastener Careers?

We are different and that is a good thing! We specialize ONLY in fastener jobs, PERIOD! Here are a few of our goals to satisfy the needs of fastener hiring managers looking for qualified employees. Each goal has a high percentage to success!

  • The applicant is currently employed in the fastener industry
  • The applicant is aggressively looking for a new position
  • The applicant will have a range of experience looking for a job to meet their specific area of interest

Take advantage of our job posting service today which will be given maximum exposure of the jobs posted while singling out good applicants for each position.

Fastener Careers understands how important the success of your fastener business is and understand that it all starts with great employees. Fastener Careers, you can be assured that we will work diligently to deliver great candidates.

How do I get started?

It is simple and easy to start when you register your job opening(s). But the key is your commitment to provide interesting, current, and verifiable information to attract potential candidates. This is your opportunity to highlight your business and give the candidates a real idea of your organization and what it would be like to collaborate with them.

You control the content 100% of the time and it is well worth your time to write the following information:

  • Company Overview
  • Qualifications
  • Benefits (medical, vision, dental, 401K, tuition aid, disability insurance)
  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities
  • Education, Experience and Skills
  • Pay Range

Your investment of time is well worth the return with qualified candidates. Make it comprehensive and exciting for the new candidates to evaluate your company and apply for the position.

The listing fee is $98.00, and we strongly believe we will present qualified candidates as we ONLY work in the Fastener Industry., LLC

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Daniel Island, SC 29492
(602) 793-2383

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