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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Fastener Application Troubleshooting

When a fastening application involves fastener performance or fastener product quality compliant(s), the following list of questions should be considered in an effort to understand the reason(s) and the scope of the problem being experienced and how to evaluate it and solve it.

  • Who is the supplier? When was the product supplied? What is the part number(s) involved? What is the date of and number on the Purchase Order? Ask for a copy of the Purchase Order. Which is the lot number involved? Note any Certifications included with the order. Ask for a copy of any prints of the fastener(s) or application. Ask for a copy of the shipping documents and the invoice.
  • Describe the problem in as much detail as you have at present. Remember details such as materials, temperature(s), moisture, physical environment, torque methods used, test reports and the other mating parts.
  • How many or what percentage of the fasteners received have been used in the problem condition described in the complaint?
  • Review the fastener industry standards and what allowance(s) are allowed for quantities of non-conforming parts.
  • What is the grade or class of the fasteners? In your description include Thread Series, Head Style, Drive Recess, Material, Plating or Finish, Secondary operations on the fastener, i.e. drilled head or shank, nylon patch, etc.
  • Ask about the method of installation and the speed of installation; and any lubricants that might have been used in the application.
  • Inquire about any hole preparation, i.e. hole diameter, drilling, tapping, countersinking, etc.
  • Has the application; the fasteners used or the method of fastening changed recently?
  • Take photos of the application and fasteners in question.
  • Ask for several samples of the fasteners, mating parts or other items involved for further evaluation and testing under your direction.
  • Offer a timeline to determine the out-come of your evaluation and what corrective action that might be taken immediately or in the near future. Always stay in contact with the complainant and let them know how you are moving forward in your evaluation and solving the problem.

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